Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Throughly yummy sandwich for a Tuesday

I had this sandwich for lunch today. It was one of those lunches forced on me by happenstance. Hannah, you see, in reaching for carrot peelings to feed to the Guinea Pigs, had knocked over the eggs and one cracked.

"Mummy you're going to be cross," she said, leaving the kitchen at a sprint.

Lunch, therefore, began with one slightly cracked egg from our lovely bantam who came into lay, quite festively, on Christmas Day and has honoured us with a daily egg ever since.

I poached said egg and its brother from the day before in a small pan of boiling water. Being so tiny and so fresh, they're a joy to poach, setting to a pleasing oval shaped white with a shocking jaffa orange yolk.

I had a handful of spinach, so I washed it and wilted it in a pan. Meanwhile I toasted two thin slices of white bread and lightly buttered it.

Sandwich assembly time. Place the bottom slice of toast on a plate. Top with spinach and a grind of black pepper, then a dollop - small one, it's January - of Hellman's mayonnaise. Top with the eggs and then the final slice of toast.

Apply, as Nigella would say, to face. If you can eat this without getting egg on your chin, then you're a better woman (or man) than I. Either that or you cooked your eggs for longer. Any which way, it was delicious.


WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

I am not going to read any of these until I reach my happy weight and then I will allow myself to indulge.

Pondside said...

I really have a thing for sandwiches, especially any type of egg sandwich. You make it sound soooo delicious!

Pipany said...

Yumm! Love egg sandwhiches and particularly egg ones. Our hen eggs have got really bright orange yolks too - wonder what they are eating at the moment? Lovely recipe Mags. Keep 'em coming please xx

ChrisH said...

I can see the attractions of this but I'm not so sure about the runny egg but I'm definitely up for the previous recipe - pears are so naughty the way they go from one extreme to the other.

Now, eat your sandwich and reconsider the Llanelli half!!!! (Actually, folks keep telling me that it's really hard so I'm a bit concerned now!)