Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Instant banana ice cream

This is based on an idea from TV chef James Martin. This is a lovely alternative to shop bought ice cream as you can control the amount of sugar and fat. The result is a soft scoop ice cream, but you must eat it straight away. Left overs can be frozen, but will need to spend a little time in the fridge to soften up before serving. The bananas must be properly ripe with nice spotty skins, otherwise you don't get a lovely creamy result.

Ingredients and method:

4 ripe bananas - slice, put in a thin layer in a plastic bag and freeze, perferably overnight but you can do it in the morning and make this ice cream after school.

When you are ready to serve the ice cream put the bananas into a food processor and add:

250 ml natural yoghurt (I use approximatley half a large tub of Yeo Valley organic) 0r 250ml buttermilk (or a mixture)

2-3 tbsp (or to taste) maple syrup or runny honey or soft brown sugar

Slap the lid on and process until you have a nice thick ice cream, but not too long or it will turn into a smoothie!

Scoop into cornets or bowls.

Replace a banana or two with frozen mango, strawberries or other soft fruit.
Use flavoured yoghurt, eg strawberry, but reduce the amount of syrup/honey.
If just using banana, add 1 tsp natural vanilla extract for a banana and vanilla ice cream.


Anonymous said...

sounds lovley i will have to try that xx jep

Suffolkmum said...

Yes me too. Like the sausage one below too - I do something very similar for my kids, will give your version a whirl! Great idea, this blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I might just have a go. Not sure it will resemble banana ice cream but I'll try! Amy loves icecream and I love banana's so between us we can manage some kind of concoction.
Crystal x

FunkyMunky said...

sounds delicious. I'm always looking for nice recipes so I will certainly give this one a go.